In April 2012, my good friend Mike Ingram convinced me we should start a podcast. First, he explained to me what a podcast is, then he showed me how to download one, then he explained podcasting again. 

Since then, we've recorded over 300 episodes of the show, discussing everything from serious literature to the latest in international raccoon news. We're both professors, editors, and writers, and so we talk about the challenges and occasional successes we experience in those worlds too. 

We post episodes every Monday, discussing either a book or a short story/essay, and we try to strike the balance between serious literary conversation and fun banter between friends. At its best, I think the show feels like you're hanging out with a couple of friends at the bar talking about books, with all the tangents, arguments, and occasional profanity that entails. We aim to make it fun and energetic -- as much for our own entertainment as for our listeners. Sometimes we have guests. Sometimes we fight, though not as much as you might think. 

In 2015, we won a Philly Geek Award for Best Streaming Media Project

This year-in-review post from 2015 is probably a good primer for where to start if you're new to the show. This post from April 2015 might also help. Our first few episodes aren't great. But a lot of the later ones are pretty good!

You can stream the show through our website, or download it via iTunes or your preferred podcasting app. Or you can listen to the most recent episode by clicking play below: